Black Credit Card

We will just come right out of the gate on this one and say we aren't sure why anyone is willing to invest $495 a year on a piece of metal. Even though we are sure it's for the VIP treatment and for the prestige of having a Black Credit Card-Visa that draws many people in. However, when you really take a good look into the benefits of having the card, there just aren't any things that really make sense as to why spend so much money and time on the Black Credit Card-Visa. If someone wanted a piece of stainless steel surely they could have found it cheaper than $495. With that out of the way, we will now try to play neutral and let you know what's good, bad and weird when it comes to the Black Credit Card-Visa.

When you think of the Black Card you think of unlimited card access and VIP treatment anytime you are to pull that card out to buy anything. Who wouldn't love to be treated like a VIP any time they needed something or to feel as though they really matter? We all would love that type of VIP treatment. However, the reality is that not many of us can reach such heights to actually get approved for the Black Credit Card-Visa. Those who are so fortunate to be able to have the Black Credit Card will definitely receive some really nice perks just to say it mildly.


The Black Credit Card-Visa really boasts being able to offer much more rewards and both the American Express and Citi Bank offerings of the same kind. Actually, when you view it and see the different terms laid out before you, it's very impressive what the Black Credit Card-Visa has to offer in that respect. You can get $1,000 in airfare costs when you redeem points on the Black Credit Card-Visa versus the $665 from Citi and the $500 from American Express. Not to mention they are also going to send you some very expensive welcoming gifts when you are approved for the Black Credit Card-Visa. We can't help but to think that those expensive "gifts" are the real reason you will pay $495 per year.

When you have the Black Credit Card-Visa they say that you will get the VIP treatment in over 3,000 properties associated with their card. What we tend to think is that they should have just said everywhere you go to stay or play people are going to do anything for you once they see your card. You will also be able to hang out in the airport lounges when you like during your trips. Really, the bottomless balance on the account is the only reason that we can really see for wanting to have the Black Credit Card-Visa. However, to get your hands on this card you are going to have to have nearly bottomless pockets of cash already anyway. Also, don't forget that those bottomless card limits still have to be paid monthly as well. That interest rate might seem small but if you are charging up a storm you had better be careful to pay it all in full by the end of the month.